El Paso drum god, Eddy Garcia has been a fixture in El Paso music and the world stage for a long time now. He released several CDs with his band Pissing Razors, kill it in Cowboys From Hell Paso, played in Ministry and has been running sound for thrash legends Overkill for a while now, too!

In January, I saw him post on Facebook that he was off to rehearsals with Overkill to perform with the band during 70,000 tons of metal, a cruise ship filled with phenomenal bands and fans that cruised around the Cayman Islands. I'm happy he got the opportunity to thrash with these legends on stage!

Overkill's current drummer, Ron Lipnicki, broke his hand and was unable to play the cruise, so they asked their sound guy, who they all knew from Pissing Razors and Cowboys From Hell Paso fame.

Check out some of the video footage from the shows. Great job Eddy! You make El Paso proud!