Lately the former Sin Cara now Cinta de Oro has been smacking people outside the ring. But it is all out of fun and games. In fact, there are fans who are hoping and wishing they could be smacked by Cinta de Oro.

The whole purpose for some Cinta de Oro fans is to see just how hard he smacks without holding back. This is similar to fans who are willing to do anything to meet their favorite celebrity. For example, there are people who would be willing to eat bugs just to meet someone famous.

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Well, this is somewhat close to that except you must be willing to go through something painful. Cinta de Oro has been slapping more than a few people around but all in fun. Those people that are about to be slapped by him have the biggest smiles on their faces.

But what is even more hilarious is when they're preparing for what is the most painful smack ever. Cinta de Oro recently partnered up with the North American Collegiate League and was ordered to give a few rounds of smacks. When Cinta de Oro was visiting NACL a few men lined up for the smack of a lifetime.

David Chen made sure to film the smackdown right as it was happening to the first victim. But don't worry the dude getting smacked smiled and was definitely pleased with his hit by Cinta de Oro. After Cinta de Oro gets his first smack in, you can see the aftermath which is a red marking on his chest. Even though it looks painful the participants are sure as hell excited to be smacked by the one and only Cinta de Oro.

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