I have learned that you should always treat someone with care because you may not know what kind of demons they're battling with. This guy appears to be considering suicide as he is sitting on the bridge above the freeway.

This incident happened earlier this year and Joel Valverde caught some of it on his phone. You never know what kind of day someone is having which is why you should always be kind. Suicide is no joke, and it breaks my heart to know that someone would have it come down to that. This man must have been contemplating suicide because no one just goes to sit over the freeway hanging off how he was. If you or someone you know has a lot going on, please get help from the National Suicide Prevention Line. If you feel you need some where to go to for help there are quite a few treatment centers here in El Paso. Nothing AND no one is worth taking your own life leaving behind those who love you.

I hope this man got the help he needed and if suicide crosses your mind, I am asking from the bottom of my heart to please get help.

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