An El Paso man shared a video of his appearance and minutes of fame from Judge Judy. But do know when he made his appearance on Judy Judy he was only a young teen boy then. Now, Chaz, a grown man was looking back at his experience on the reality court show, Judge Judy.

Not sure if the courtroom program was a favorite of yours to watch but it will be ending this year, for good. But they will still plan on airing Judge Judy reruns after the show's final episode. Plus, in the year to come in 2022 Judy Sheindlin will appear on Judy Justice.

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But I would like to share this fond memory that one El Paso man holds close to his heart. Many years ago Chaz, his mom, and the other party made an appearance on Judy Judy about underage drinking and driving. We all know the guests featured on the courtroom program are paid to be accused of whatever they're on the show for.

Other guests that have also been featured on the television show mentioned it is worth it especially since you get paid. In my opinion, I am not sure if the money would be worth getting yelled at or looking silly thanks to the judge. Everyone knows she can be a tough one that never lets you get in one word.

But for the El Pasoan Chaz, he said it was totally worth it and had fun acting out a role he wouldn't have done in real life. Be sure to check out the El Paso locals, Chaz and his mom Teresa Guillen, on Judge Judy above.

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