Once again El Paso makes it on the Texas Bucket List for one of our greatest attractions in the sun city! The Wyler Aerial Tramway got recognized enough to be a part of the 2017 Texas Bucket List.

The Texas Bucket List made a stop here in El Paso just to visit and scope out the view from the tram. The host Shane McAuliffe seemed a little nervous as he was about to enter the tram and check out the amazing view. Apparently there have been other people who had worse reactions upon entering the tram such as crying or having a break down. This is not the first time that El Paso has made it on the Texas Bucket List. In March we made it on the bucket list for a well known pawn shop located in Downtown. Hopefully this isn't the last time we make it on the bucket list and keep them coming.

El Paso is slowly but surely getting recognized for the attractions we have and that are coming soon!

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