If you've watched the Food Network or the Travel Channel you've certainly seen some local food places get shown to a wider audience. But exactly how many have been shown on tv & on which shows? We've seen restaurants from El Paso, Texas appear on many tv shows & channels.

El Paso has been featured on the Food network

If you've watched Diners, Drive Ins & Dives with Guy Fieri, you've definitely seen a couple. In fact the Food Network restaurant has listed 9 online, 7 of which have been shown on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives :

Cooking Channel's Taco Trip

There were 3 episodes featured on the Cooking Channel's Taco Trip: on the Season 2 Episode 2 "El Paso", chef Aaron Sanchez returned to his hometown to visit Tacoholics (sadly they moved to San Antonio & had to close down), Lucy's and of course Chico's Tacos. Aaron himself would further show his love for Chico's in the show "Best Thing I Ever Ate".

We've seen El Paso places shown Delicious Destinations with Andrew Zimmern

6 places were shown on Delicious Destinations with Andrew Zimmern (Monika went into great detail on what Andrew ordered from each restaurant on her article):

And of course we can't forget about The Texas Bucket List.

They've made a total of 14 stops in El Paso. Including:

Rosa's Cantina

Panda Burgers

H&H Car Wash

Cattleman's Steakhouse


Monteleone's Ristorante

Great American Steakburger

Hallelujah BBQ

and of course... Chico's Tacos (who definitely is the one shown on tv the most).

Regardless on what the next local place to be on tv will be, one thing is for certain, the town will be buzzing and talking all about it.

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