There are people who collect antiques, there are those that also collect classic cars and then those that collect absurd items. If you're one of those who appreciates the weird things in life, this store has what you're looking for.

The Texas Bucket List made a stop in EL Paso which is out of the ordinary of Pawn Shops that collect what you consider strange. The manager of this store full of random yet strange items goes by the name of David Delgadillo. He gives The Texas Bucket List host Shane McAuliffe a tour around the store showing off the stores goods. This quick little tour of the certain items they displayed leaves me curious to make a stop and amaze my eyes. Daves Pawn Shop will leave you breathless by the extraordinary collection they've collected over the years.

If you're looking to giving away your odd collection that's been sitting around, this is the place someone else will consider that piece a treasure!

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