For some athletes, the Olympics represent the highest pinnacle of their careers; the ultimate sign of showing the world what they can do. And For one El Paso High student, that dream could very well become a reality.

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El Paso High sophomore Camryn Heon is the daughter of El Paso Rhinos general manager, & former El Paso Buzzards player, Corey Heon. She's only 15 years old but she's always been involved with hockey since she was 8 years old; she joined the Rhino's girl hockey team & last month she was selected to become a player for the Mexican National Women's Team, which already is a BIG deal at such a young age but... it doesn't stop there.


That's right... Camryn has a chance to actually PLAY in the Olympics in 2022. Camryn as part of the training process, commutes between her home in El Paso & Mexico City for training and later this month they will travel to the Czech Republic for an exhibition game and then head to Poland in October for the Olympic pre-qualifier. If you want to see Camryn perform on the ice, you can watch her play HERE.

I know this is a HUGE opportunity for Camryn so we want to say good luck with her continuous hard work in her hockey career!

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