The El Paso Rhinos are looking for some welcoming families to invite a hockey player to live in their home. I have to tell you having a Rhino hockey player living in your home can be a huge help. Not that I have experienced it but a friend of mine and her family did. They have taken in players before and enjoyed the extra company in their home. There were times when certain difficult tasks that needed to be done around the house and the player living there at the time would help. My friend's mom treated every hockey player she invited into her home as if they were family. They love the Rhinos so much they actually put together a game room dedicated to Rhino memorabilia throughout the years. That game room is where some of the hockey players would bring other teammates to play video games or watch movies.

The Rhinos are looking for homes to place the hockey players in for the season. Inviting a Rhino hockey player into your home can be a lot of help and score you some perks. The perk you and your family can enjoy would be getting is complimentary tickets to the hockey games. The other perk is getting some help around the house with chores and such. Another compensation besides free tickets is each billet family will receive a stipend for each player per month. Now the Rhinos organization will be in charge of the player's transportation to and from games and team events. If you would love to welcome a new member to your family and your home, you can find the details here.

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