It is so heartwarming to see Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx's daughter Frankie Sixx in love with one of El Paso's own.

Frankie Sixx has quite a love story with the El Paso Rhinos hockey player Easton Easterson. The pair have been dating for quite some time now. In fact, years ago before the pandemic, you may have even spotted Frankie Sixx at a few Rhinos hockey games.

She is all about her pets, crystals, plants, and the man of her dreams, Easton Easterson. The two have been dating for quite some time now but have had the same struggles as any other relationship would have in a long-distance relationship.

It is never easy to be separated from your significant other or saying goodbye as you will see in her video above. Even in the video you will see Frankie Sixx and Easton Easterson enjoying the view on Transmountain and other familiar spots in El Paso. Frankie and Easton's love story has been going long and strong for quite some time now.

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They have the cutest relationship from what Frankie and Easton post on social media. Frankie and Easton had gone through something so heartbreaking that no parent should EVER have to go through.

They had a little boy on November 30, 2016, and named him Jesse Evan Easterson. Their little boy's heart wasn't strong enough and sadly, he didn't survive. But despite bad times, the two are still holding on strong and remain champs when it comes to their long-distance relationship.

If you already know about Easton Easterson you can learn 10 facts about Frankie Sixx either through Glamour Path. They're definitely a perfect match for each other and it definitely shows when you see them on the ice after Easton Easterson's game.

If you see them lovey-dovey on the ice, try and let them have their alone time, since they don't get much of it being a long-distance relationship and all.

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