El Paso is definitely a city that loves hockey. We've had the El Paso Buzzards & the El Paso Rhinos. But now there's another El Paso hockey team. One designed to help ANYONE who is blind or visually impaired but still has a love for hockey.

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The Sonic Hockey Club in El Paso is an organization all aimed towards giving players, suffering from blindness or any kind of problems with their vision, & who love hockey a chance to play. Danny Guard started The El Paso Mooses hockey team back in 2012 by. He also created the first sounding hockey puck all the way back in 1987. The first sonic hockey player on the team was Mickayla Blade, starting at the age of 7 years old. Since then, players of ALL ages have become part of the El Paso Mooses hockey team, some ranging all the way to over 70 years old. The team's story was also featured in the local news this past Wednesday.

So how do you play sonic hockey? According to official website, "Each player needs to use their strength and balance to move the other away from the puck and hold their own position. At the same time, they must listen intently to the puck to zero in on its position". Considering this is done on skates WHILE BEING BLIND, that's an incredible feat.

As someone whose grown up in a hockey family (my dad personally worked with the El Paso Buzzards hockey team in the mid 90s) & the fact my mother works with children with disabilities, it pleases me to know that there are organizations in El Paso willing help people who have love & passion conquer their own personal disabilities.

If you're interested in contacting the Sonic Hockey Club in El Paso, you can visit them on their website, or call Danny Guard at 915-252-1678.

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