There has got to be Hot Cheetos and cheese fans rejoicing about the latest addition to the El Paso Chihuahuas menu. Some of us have grown up with those spicy snacks since we were younger.

The very first time I had my first taste of Hot Cheetos and cheese was when I was at Hornedo Middle School.

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There are quite a few El Pasoans who still enjoy snacking on Hot Cheetos and cheese from time to time. At one point we all remember the time there was a Hot Cheetos shortage that freaked some of us out.

Just last year my curiosity was killing me about how many consider this spicy snack was still a trend. But 77% of you voted that you still enjoy that snack from time to time in a poll.

Now Hot Cheetos with cheese fanatics can enjoy snacking on this spicy treat at the El Paso Chihuahuas baseball games. Earlier today, El Paso Chihuahuas shared a couple of pictures of the upcoming snacks the concessions will be selling at baseball games in 5 weeks.

Home Opening Day for the El Paso Chihuahuas will be on April 12th, which is the day you can get your snack on. So if you would like to be there to enjoy baseball and Hot Cheetos with cheese make sure to buy your tickets.

They will also be selling Hot Cheetos Dog that you can see above that El Paso Chihuahuas Facebook had shared. So get ready to enjoy some baseball and your favorite spicy snack when baseball season starts.

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