We all remember trying new foods for the first time that have remained a favorite. Some of those favorite foods we have already introduced to our own kids who also liked them. A lot of us hopped on the Hot Cheetos with cheese trend and haven't stopped.

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It has been a really long time since I had a bag of Hot Cheetos with cheese.

It is very rare for me to crave that snack because I am sensitive to chile. But there were days I got a craving for that spicy snack some of us substituted as lunch.

I remember saving up a bunch of money because I normally would snack instead of eating a meal in middle school. I did a lot of yapping with friends during lunch break hence, why I didn't eat much.

I would usually only order either a Hot Pocket (ham and cheese) or Hot Cheetos with cheese. But on my hungry days (after skipping breakfast) I would order both.

When I first discovered the Hot Cheetos and cheese was when I was in the 6th grade. Anyone who went to Hornedo will remember hearing Sheryl Crow's "Happy" on the jukebox while standing in line for Hot Cheetos and cheese.

Plus, Hot Cheetos and cheese was the best snack to eat on the go especially during makeup exams in high school. For me, it was the 6th grade when I first got to taste Hot Cheetos and cheese.

But for some of us, we either like to enjoy that snack quite often or only when we get a craving for it. For example, I was talking to my friend Annette (who took a pic) about the snack which then got her in the mood for that snack. So, what happens? Annette took her lunch break to stop at Valero for some Flamin' Hot Cheetos and cheese to eat.

I am curious how many people in the borderland still enjoy eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos and cheese. I occasionally like to enjoy that snack from time to time when I am in the mood for something salty.

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