It is so sad when grown adults abuse elderly people who need all sorts of assistance. It is scary to think we leave our loved ones in the hands of others when we can't take care of them. People have to make a living and can't stay home to watch over their parents or grandparents. So they're left with the last resort of having to trust another person to watch over their loved ones. It isn't easy and I am so lucky and thankful that my uncle Mike is the one who watches my grandpa. A lot of people worry about placing a loved one in a home or having a caregiver assisting a relative. Back in the day, I would joke with my parents saying they should treat me right if they don't want to end up in a home. But there is proof why families feel uncomfortable about having a stranger watch over a relative.

There is proof of why we all worry and have mixed feelings about a caregiver watching over relatives. The Real Fit Fam El Paso shared some graphic footage of a caregiver abusing an elderly woman. Just watching the clip gave me anxiety worrying about how many other caregivers are like that. In the video, you see the not so caregiving woman mistreating the elderly woman who is 92 years old. It hurts to watch because the elderly lady laying helpless in the bed is being hit. It almost seems as if the elderly woman is trying to defend herself but being so fragile she can't do much. It is no wonder that hidden cameras exist and should be used for situations like this. Hopefully, the caregiver won't ever be allowed to work in any kind of field that requires watching over someone.

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