Some local business owners need your assistance catching a plant thief. There is an El Paso man going around some local businesses and stealing their plants. The area that seems to deal with the plant thief quite often is in Hacienda Heights.

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Now you may be thinking they are just plants but it is someone else's hard work keeping those plants alive. Plus, plants aren't cheap when you buy them already set up for display.

A restaurant as well as other businesses that are around have dealt with theft for some time now.

The owner of Tencha's Cafe shared his security camera footage on social media asking for the public's help. You can get a general idea of the plant thief's identification from the images below. You can also see that the plant thief also has a dog he walks around.

Now you can't pick out what type of dog breed he has but you can definitely see his dog's fur coat. I didn't ask how many plants have been taken but from the sound of it, it seems like it happens often. Luckily, this time around Dan Ordonez was able to catch a somewhat decent frame of the plant thief.

The businesses in Hacienda Heights would like something to be done about their stolen decorations. But more importantly, want to put a stop to this plant thief's stealing ways. Anyone who manages to keep their plants alive and healthy since day one should be upset about their them being stolen. If you recognize the man in the security footage please reach out to Dan Ordonez at Tencha's Cafe

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