Alright, there is a kid that is facing some serious trouble in Las Cruces. People driving on 70 into I-25 Southbound were in for a big surprise. In fact, the driver who witnessed a kid driving shared the tip with the Las Cruces Community Watch Facebook group.

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Then within time, The Real Fit Fam El Paso got a hold of this breaking news happening next door. Tj Burks was a witness and shared his evidence to warn others in the Las Cruces area. This kid led the police on a high-speed chase which resulted in a crash at the Del Rey Boulevard exit.

Now apparently the vehicle was stolen the day before the car chase. The Real Fit Fam El Paso also shared that the kid is okay physically. We're not exactly what the kid's motives were but some of you made comments that held some funny truth.

Js.nofilter mentioned that was how he learned especially driving to get his dad more beer. Now that was a comment I have heard past stories from my friend's parents. That wasn't the only comment that held some funny truth, Gvbrieel pointed something out.

Gvbrieel mentioned how the kid had the ten and two hand placement down that's vital in Driver's Ed. But Maryjoerea commented how that was them except they were 8 when they first got behind the wheel. You can see the comments for yourself by clicking here. As for me, I learned to drive when I was going into junior year.

But from the looks of it, some of the comments show there are others that relate to this kid. Maybe not in the sense of driving a stolen car but relating to how young you started driving.

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