It was sad knowing dogs had already gone missing since Saturday before the 4th even got started. People all around El Paso were kicking off pre-Fourth of July shenanigans. There are a lot of locals who love to check out fireworks so much that they just pop their own regardless.

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Now we love to hunt down the perfect view to overlook them on Independence Day weekend. But remember fireworks aren't pet-friendly and the 4th of July means a dog's worst fear coming true. Some El Pasoans do a few test runs of fireworks they set off right from their own backyard.

Well, Friday and Saturday people were setting off fireworks preparing for Independence Day yesterday. There's a pro and con about the neighborhood I am in. The pro is I get a front-row show of fireworks since someone nearby sets them off. But the con is the neighborhood dogs affected by it.

In fact, on Saturday before July 4th they set off quite a few as a test run. The neighborhood dogs were suffering and barking throughout the evening.

Well, clearly 4th of July was lit and the dogs in the neighborhood had the saddest barks during the popping display in the sky. It's sad because the fireworks sound has your furry loved one feeling like it's the end of the world. Hence, why so many dogs go astray and pet owners in El Paso are having to post missing dog flyers.

Well, sure enough, the annual missing dog reports started coming in through The Real Fit Fam El Paso. We can expect to see even more pictures of cute dogs pictures missing reports on Fit Fam. Hopefully, everyone with an open missing dog report can be reunited with their furry family member soon. Also, thanks to The Real Fit Fam El Paso for the doggy amber alerts and reuniting owners with their pets.

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