I've seen Shinedown several times but, my favorite show will always be my first one when they brought in one of the biggest Balloonfest crowds we've ever had.

Singer Brent Smith and his girlfriend decided to come out to Wet 'N Wild later via taxi rather than riding over with the rest of the band.  They didn't think it would be a big deal but, again, this was one of our biggest crowds ever. The park was already crawling with people and those still coming in had I-10 way backed up. (This was before the current, longer off-ramp at Anthony Exit Zero was in place.)   It took forever for the poor cab driver to get them to the entrance, (The main entrance ... not the private one we directed him to), and the crowd saw Brent coming.

They were surging towards him before he even got moving so, he had to jump back in the cab. Meanwhile, I gathered a handful of Sheriffs deputies together who surrounded us and literally shoved us through to the stage.  We damn near got crushed, it was crazy!!

Come out Saturday night and see how crazy this one gets! Gates open at 5, admission is FREE, Savage After Midnight will open and, remember, it's now "Cash Only" at the bars!

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