Shinedown returns to El Paso Saturday night ... and it's a FREE SHOW!

Shinedown will play Saturday night at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center. The show is all ages, outdoors and admission is free so, get there way early to get yourself a good spot.

Coming with them are Empire City.  There's been a little confusion about this band as they recently underwent a name change. Some of the promotional stuff out there says Empire City, and some says Savage After Midnight. Same band, new "Savage" name!!!  Here's some info on them from the Empire City website:

Empire City, with their pulsing electric rhythms and driving compositions, bridge the gap between modern pop music and the active rock scene. In a time where rock has seemingly taken a backseat in the current trends of the music industry, Empire City redefines what it means to be in a rock band. These Tennessee natives bring a new flavor to the outdated world of live performances through high energy stage antics and theatrics. The members, though all from different, diverse backgrounds, have come together to breathe new life into the music industry.

Come out early Saturday night to see Savage After Midnight live!  Gates open at 5pm and remember, it's now CASH ONLY at the bars!



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