Do you remember taking that car or bus ride to do some shopping at JCPenney located in downtown EL Paso? Well, hurts to say the future EL Pasoan children won't get to experience the fun they could have had at that location.

Unfortunately the 324 E San Antonio St. JCPenney  location is a part of the chopping block list to close it's doors for good. If you lived or live here you know that this store holds history to your childhood memories and more. One of those memories is taking that early morning car/bus ride with your parents to do some shopping at JCPenney. According to Consumerist, our JCPenney downtown location will be closing this spring. JCPenney has been adjusting to the "in with the new and out with the old" brand makeover which means certain stores didn't make that cut. Just yesterday they provided a list that had 138 store locations that will be soon closing. Since they will be closing 138 store locations that means there will be around 5,000 employees losing their job. If you're wondering about the good sales JCPenney will have, they will take place around April 17th.

Thankfully we still have a few JCPenney store locations available to us but they won't hold as many memories as the downtown location did!