It's crazy that some people are willing to BE the cause of a car accident that could harm others on a busy freeway over stupidity. The person driving what seems to be a silver Chevy has MAJOR road rage from the looks this video displays.

This is why it's a plus to install a camera on your dash just for your own protection and proof if needed. Luckily, this person who recorded their own mishap on the I-10 experienced the worst road rage from another fellow commuter. Thanks to 915 On Blast for uploading this crazy incident to their YouTube channel. If you had to pick a side, I would assume you would believe the silver Chevy is in the wrong. The other vehicle seems to be a larger vehicle since it appears to have a black grill guard. If you're willing to harm yourself AND OTHERS, you deserve what you get (hence, the end of this video) from your road rage.

Hopefully this teaches you to play it safe not just for yourself but for others you share the road with!


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