Do you remember watching the Berenstein Bears on TV or having their books read to you when you were a child? Think long and hard about this because if you think you did, you're about to have your mind blown.

You never watched or read the Berenstein Bears. Because they never even existed, man.

There is overwhelming evidence that they were actually the BerenSTAIN, not BerenSTEIN, Bears.


You're not alone, though. The majority of people remember the STEIN version over the STAIN version.

There are many theories as to why this has occurred.

Some believe this in a "glitch in the Matrix." That reality is actually a colossal computer program and somehow the byte of information containing the spelling of the Berenstain Bears got corrupted.

There's another theory that there are an infinite number of alternate or parallel universes. In some of them, the dinosaurs were never killed by an asteroid and remained the dominant species. In others, the South won the Civil War. And, in some, the Berenstein Bears are actually theBerenstain Bears.

Then there's the time traveler hypothesis. Somebody, probably from the distant future, went back in time to do something to save mankind. They were really careful not to alter the careful, in fact, that the only evidence that they were ever there is the "E" being replaced by and "A" in "Berenstein".

Ohhhh! I just had a crazy thought! Maybe ... just maybe ... somebody went back to kill baby Hitler. They obviously didn't succeed but, somehow, through their actions they caused a Jewish family ... the Berensteins ... to change the spelling of their name! God, that's genius!