Here we are, day 3 of the election and we still don't have a winner in the presidential election. It could go either way. Some news sources have given Arizona to Biden, others have not. Biden is in the lead in electoral votes and just needs to hold his lead in Arizona and Nevada to get to the necessary 270. He's also making big comebacks in Pennsylvania and Georgia. This, of course, feeds Trump's conspiracy beliefs that the election is rigged. Despite the fact it was being reported this could happen because of when certain votes were going to be counted. The day-of votes were counted first and those were mostly Republicans. The absentee and mail-in votes are being counted now, and they're mostly Democrats. But that of course can't be the reason Trump is losing his lead in some of these states. It has to be rigged, right? Let's get to the conspiracy theories:

  • Myth - Biden got a vote dump that gave him 100% of 138,339 votes in Michigan.
    • This all started by a typo from one news source called Decision Desk HQ. BUT, this is how a lot of conspiracy theories start. A simple typo, or someone misinterpreting something and soon it spreads like wild fire. Sean Davis, the cofounder of the Federalist, tweeted this out and with zero evidence or facts behind it.
  • Myth - Dead people were voting in Michigan.
    • Holy crap this is the plot to Black Sheep with Chris Farley and David Spade. It is yet another "story" that was started by a right wing activist with zero fact checking or proof of what they're showing. "Look with your own eyes!" They will claim. Yeah, because there are no other ways that video could have been made. If there was a massive fraud happening, don't you think the people behind it would have been a bit more careful about something like this? Oh, and officials have denied this claim and no law enforcement agency has taken the claims seriously.
  • Myth - 7 states had more votes cast than actual voters.
    • People know you can fake things and put them on the Internet, right? There was a graphic that showed 7 different states with more votes counted than people who are actually registered to vote. Some simple fact checking showed that this is complete BS.

This is just a few examples of the garbage that runs through the Internet that people believe. Of course, if you believe these myths, debunking them probably isn't going to change your mind very much.

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