Rage Against The Machine bassist Tom Commerford is a big-time conspiracy theorist.

He believes that ISIS is fake and he's not buying the moon landings either. He even called out former NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin about them. He told Rolling Stone magazine that:

“There were a bunch of people gathered around, and I said, “I have a question: You have all these missions to the moon. How come there’s no pictures of the flags on the moon?” He said, “Well, those are highly degraded by radiation by now.” I said, “You left a lot of stuff on the moon. It seems that somebody with a telescope or satellite would snap a picture of that so we could see it. It’d be on the cover of every newspaper.

“I asked him why he put a metal rod on top of the flag instead of just letting the flag out and do its thing. He gets all frustrated and says, “I’m just trying to remember what they told me to say.” That’s what he said! Those were his exact words! Then he and his wife – all plastic surgery-ed up and fake as they can be – bolted out, and I watched them walking down the street and he was just yelling at her. It made him so mad. There are so many different facets of the lunar landing that are just bullsh*t.”

I wonder where he stands on Bigfoot?

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