You know, I'm sure, that in Oregon and Colorado you can just go into a store and buy marijuana without running afoul of the law. In California you have to make up some "medical" excuse but, essentially anyone can get it.

How different are things in Texas? Well, in Harris County (Houston) the District Attorney is endorsing a very progressive, almost radical by lone star standards, marijuana policy.

It's called the First Chance Intervention Program. It allows first time offenders to avoid prison time: If they have no prior criminal history. AND if they have less than two ounces of marijuana when they're caught. Oh, AND they have to complete a 60-to-90-day program.

Wow. That's a step in the right direction I guess?

If you think legalization or even decriminalization is on the horizon, here's something to think about. There are still plenty of counties in Texas that still have alcohol prohibition. Here's a handy map:

Texas Dry Map
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

To be fair, there are plenty of dry counties in the Midwest and the South. Heck, there are even dry counties in Oregon! Think about that for a second. In Oregon there are places where you can't buy a six pack of beer but you CAN buy enough weed to put a Texan in prison for the next 60 years.


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