Deftones fans can finally rejoice about the biggest surprise we have been waiting for. Since Deftones mentioned working on new music since last year we have had to play the waiting game. That waiting game was well worth the wait because we finally got a sample of their new music. They just released a new song for "Ohms" which happens to also be the title of their upcoming album.

They dropped a major hint on their social media pages leaving some coordinates. Those coordinates led residents in Los Angeles to a huge billboard sign. That billboard sign displayed what seems to be the cover art for their new album and with a date. The date at the top right corner is what we can all assume is when to expect their new album to be released.

Then after that cat got out of the bag they put up a clock counting down the time. The countdown was for when we could expect to see their new music video for "Ohms" on YouTube. When that time finally came around for us to hear their new music we forgot about the pandemic for 4 minutes and 8 seconds. Almost everyone enjoyed Deftones new song "Ohms" and some had their two cents. One comment that caught my eye was from a Mike Macias who said the vocals could've been a little more aggressive. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I thought "Ohms" was perfect as is. Let me know if you dig it or should bury it in the poll below.

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