I guess it is true what they say when people break up, they always come back and get back together. That isn't necessarily just with relationships but also with bands too. El Pasoans are definitely celebrating the excitingly good news about The Mars Volta.

The band had been teasing us with a mysterious clue. What threw us even more for a loop was the fact that The Mars Volta has been split up for 8 years now. For a while now there have been rumors floating around about The Mars Volta recording new music since 2019.

The Mars Volta sure did give us quite the tease for a long while now, in fact since 2019. But now we can finally put our curiosities aside since the rumors have finally been confirmed. The Mars Volta have reunited and put those rumors to rest with their latest and major announcement.

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The guys definitely came through with some cheers for our ears when they finally shared they were going to release an 18-LP vinyl box set La Realidad de los Sueños. Their vinyl box set will include material that's never been released, a photo album of the band, their studio discography, and more. Their social media has been overflowing with love from fans after the big news was announced.

I couldn't contain my excitement after coming across Clouds Hill's Tweet that included a short video clip titled "Coming Soon" and #TheMarsVolta on their Twitter. The Mars Volta band is the kind of music you listen to when you're wanting to escape, you know the kind of music that takes you somewhere else with their beats and sound. For example, their song "Televators" is like our personal elevator to escape crap we're going through.

Another song that tripped me and my best friends, Vero and Jennifer, out was "The Widow" which all three of us referred to as the UFO song. The Mars Volta came through clutch for all their fans around the world that aren't handling this pandemic so well. Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez love music as much as we do and gave us a boost with their latest announcement.

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