Deftones dropped a little teaser for their fans in Los Angeles to see. It wouldn't be long until that teaser started going viral across the states. At first, Deftones shared some coordinates on their social media pages. One smart man (Beez) who lives in Los Angeles was close by to those coordinates and immediately tracked down the big surprise. After following directions the coordinates led him to the greatest surprise. Those coordinates took Californians to a billboard sign that shares an image with some words and a specific date. The billboard sign shares an image of what appears to be a pixelated like picture. Also, at the top right corner of the billboard sign, shows a date that is coming up. That date on the top right corner of the sign shows September 25, 2020.

All I can say is I along with many others have been anxiously waiting for this time to come. Deftones definitely had a creative way of sharing their exciting news with fans. When they first shared their hint I immediately put in the coordinates in Google maps but didn't understand what it was at first. After Beez tweeted the picture of the billboard sign I was shaken. This has been the greatest news Deftones fans could see since the pandemic started. If we could wait around for their new album since last year we can wait a little bit longer. This great news is all thanks to Beez for hunting down the coordinates Deftones had left for their fans. Now we have something great to look forward to next month.

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