The comedian that makes the best facial reactions when he is storytelling is coming to El Paso. That comedian with the funniest facial expression who is coming here is Jim Breuer! In case that name doesn't sound familiar you will know who Jim Breuer is after viewing the video above. But everyone knows him from Saturday Night Live and funny films he was featured on. You probably remember watching Jim Breuer on Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 1998. One particular movie Jim was one of the main characters that left you sore from laughing so hard. That movie happened to be Half Baked which was released in 1998 which also had Dave Chapelle. Jim Breuer will be in town next year on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. He will be performing at the Utep Magoffin Auditorium and the show is expected to start at 8 pm. Tomorrow, December 6, the pre-sale will begin at 10 am to buy your tickets.

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