You remember him from a few movies and the funny stuff he says when he does stand up! Comedian Dustin Ybarra will be bringing his funny self back to the Sun City. He will be heading to El Paso next month and has quite the show in store for us! Buzz Adams always said Dustin Ybarra was going to be a rising star. He has been in a few movies that you may have recognized him from. Dustin Ybarra was featured in HopWe Bought A Zoo, and Us. But if you haven't seen those and watch Laugh Factory videos you should be familiar with the comedian. He will be performing at the Comic Strip starting on Thursday, May 30 and his last show will be Sunday, June 2. This comedian you want to see in person that will keep you laughing your butt off and possibly off your chair! But if you haven't heard of Dustin Ybarra, above is a clip from one of his skits.