Great Wolf Lodge was set to open its 19 location in El Paso. Then, the Covid-19 pandemic hit and the deal died. Great Wolf backed out and now the City of El Paso wants to sell the 44-acre parcel of the land to a real estate development group from Missouri. Reportedly, the city is hoping to sell the land for around 19 million dollars.

The location is right next to the relatively new West Towne (ohhh, “Towne “ with and “e”…fancy!) Marketplace. That’s the shopping complex on Artcraft Road featuring a big new Wal-Mart, the Flix Brewhouse (open for only a few months before Covid hit) and a dozen or so restaurants, both chain and non-chain varieties.

The sale will probably go through. It’s already been approved by City Council and the next step will be a public hearing on March 2.

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The developer hasn’t yet said WHAT they plan to build in that location. So, I’ve got a suggestion.

Did you know there isn’t a single public golf course on the entire West Side of El Paso? There are two country clubs, Coronado and El Paso CCs. Anthony has a 9 hole semi-private Country Club that takes some non-member tee times. But, as far as a course that you don’t have to be a member of, open to the public? Such a course does not currently exist in West El Paso.

With the 44 acres, you could position a “short” course…say, like a par 3 pitch and put course…sort of like the Delta 9 course at Ascarate Park. A full to executive size course would require at least 70 acres but probably closer to 100.

My guess is, the Missouri developers want to put either more retail space or more residential space. Is there any adjacent land that could be turned into an 18 hole golf course? If you’ve ever driven on Transmountain Road you know there’s lots…LOTS of empty space around that area. You know what’s even better than new residential neighborhoods? New residential neighborhoods with public space adjacency…like a public golf course!

Not to mix metaphors, but I really think I’ve set the pins up here. All the city and outside developers need to do is knock them over.

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