In an interview with KFOX TV, El Paso city manager Tommy Gonzalez says the city may still be in the running for a Great Wolf Lodge.

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 In April of 2020, it was reported that the proposed deal to bring Great Wolf to the Sun City had fallen through, largely because of the then-new Covid-19 pandemic.

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But, Gonzalez says, “We haven’t given up on Great Wolf Lodge”.

Great Wolf Lodge is a chain of resorts with these ENORMOUS indoor waterparks.  I’ve been to the one in Grapevine, Texas, and can tell you it’s a.) very kid-friendly, b.) a constant temperature year-round and, c.) very expensive.

A single-night stay, which comes with full access to the water park, can be up to $400 per night! Just recently, Great Wolf has been selling day passes. Day passes cost from $50 to $100 but… the limit they’ll sell per day is based on things like occupancy and time of year.  So, expensive and also, “not always available”.

Tommy Gonzalez also mentioned “Kalahari” which is ALSO an indoor resort/waterpark. Checking their site it seems to be very similar to Great Wolf, both in pricing and what it offers.

So, it sounds hopeful that El Paso may still get a big expensive water park. Someday. Maybe.

Tommy also mentioned attracting prestigious national restaurant chains to El Paso. In the interview, Tommy said he didn’t want to mention any names. But I will!

Here are my top 3 national restaurant chains I would LOVE to see in El Paso:

3.)    Cheesecake Factory

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The most extensive menu I’ve ever seen! The thing is the size of the Las Cruces' phone book!

2.)    Buca di Beppo

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It’s family-style upscale Italian. Family-style, as in “whatever you order, they bring enough for the entire group. Also family-style in terms of décor. Buca di Beppo tries to create the experience of “eating at an Italian family’s house with different themes in each room (the Pope room, the Sinatra room, the prayer candle room, etc.

1.)    Fogo de Chao

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My…God. Fogo is meat-lovers heaven. You don’t order anything. Waiters are walking around with giant skewers…swords, really…with different cuts of meat stuck on them.

You’re given a little card when you get seated. If you have the red side of the card up, the waiters will ignore you. If you have the GREEN side up they just start slicing hunks of the best-tasting meats you’ve ever had. Come on, Tommy! EARN that 450K and make this Fogo de Chao thing happen!

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