The best quality these cholos have would be having no fear trying new things that require courage. These guys have had quite an adventure trying different things that they normally wouldn't EVER do.

In this video, you can either assume this will end in disaster or a surprising victory. Normally most cholos always prefer to ride a low rider but are willing to give a Hoverboard a try. If you're expecting to see one of them beef it, it definitely happens for "Bigtokes" right at the start. Then right before "Scar" jumps on, he starts doing a little pre-Hoverboard warm up to help. Scar manages to get one move down while hovering on the Hoverboard and was proud of it. You can hear Fabian yelling out to his friends but we didn't even get to see him try it out himself. Luckily the one that beefed it managed to show his friends who really got the Hoverboard down!

Watch these cholos funny reactions as they try and learn how to ride a Hoverboard.

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