Much like many content creators, writers, and performers, the cast at The Buzz Adams Morning Show (BAMS) struggles to find the perfect discussion topic for our valued listeners, every morning. And so, they often ask each other, "what the hell are we going to talk about?"

While babbling with Buzz, Netflix's hit Squid Game was brought into the conversation once again.

Our wonderful executive producer of BAMS, Joanna Barba, posted an article about what squid games El Pasoans would play. During the show, Joanna said she wished she could change some of her original ideas for new ones.

So the BAMS group helped her rethink.

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These are the different childhood games each member of the show would include in an El Paso ‘Squid Game.’

Pitching Pennies

Buzz’s idea was a childhood game called pitching pennies. Neither the girls nor I grew up during the Great War, so we looked at Buzz, dead eyes, with zero understanding. The rest of the crew took Buzz for a stick and hoop kind of boy but as he attempted to explain the rules of pitching pennies.

Buzz explained that "pitching pennies is when you would sit with a friend and you would flip a coin next to a wall, and whichever was closer to the wall, you got both of the coins…”

Open a Mazapan

Inspired by the dalgona challenge, Joanna thought that a good El Paso twist to it would be a mazapan squid game.

7 UP

Lisa’s idea was the least El Paso-centric but personal and emotionally resonating with the ‘head down 7 UP’ squid game. Buzz regretfully (but not surprisingly) never heard of ‘heads down 7 UP’ so Lisa took Buzz back to school, elementary school.

She also shared how you can easily cheat in this game, by simply, peeking at shoes coming up to you.

Street Hockey

The childhood games Nico remembers most were the competitive ones where two teams were pitted against each other. He had trouble remembering the type of hockey played on the street with shoes and a rubber ball.

Our boss Kevin helpfully reminded me it was called Street hockey duh.

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