Hi! I'm Joanna, and if you're unaware, or if you're new here, I'm the phone screener on the Buzz Adams Morning Show. That means when you call into the show, I'm the first one you talk to. You can call in anytime on the show, we all love to take your calls (even the ones where you disagree with us!). There are a few rules you have to follow, though before you go on air.

1. Be prepared to go on air:
If you call into that number above, you must be prepared to go on air. That line is reserved for people who WANT to go on air. If you call in and say "no, I don't want to go on air, just pass that message along to Buzz", chances are, I'm not going to pass the message! Not because I don't want to, but mainly because I'll forget it!

If you have something to say and don't want to go on air, we have a separate line for you to call in, it's called the "Neckline" and you can leave a voice message there for us and we'll play it back! The Neckline number is (844) 805-6325.

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2. Don't put your phone on speaker:
If you do, we won't be able to get a clear signal, it'll just sound messy! We want to take your calls, but if the signal is awful, Buzz will just hang up.

3. No cussing:
This feels like a no-brainer. Of course, we won't get mad if it slips you ONCE. But it's best to keep it clean when Buzz answers you.

4. Turn down your radio:
Probably the most important one: TURN OFF YOUR RADIO! Leaving your radio on will cause interference with the broadcast and the audience won't be able to hear you- it'll just be an endless loop of echoes!

As we've learned recently, it's important to follow these rules if you want to have a clear conversation with Buzz and the rest of the crew. Also, so that I don't get a lecture from Buzz on the importance of letting callers know these rules! You don't want to wind up like a recent caller (Anthony, looking at you) where I had to call him out, it was okay though, because he called the neckline to apologize!

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