Everyone is talking about Netflix's hit Korean series "Squid Game". I feel like it kind of blew up overnight. It premiered on Netflix on September 17th and has been the most talked about show since!

It doesn't look like the "Squid Game" obsession is dying down anytime soon. Everyday it seems like we have a new story about the hit Netfix Korean series. Most recently, we learned that the number used in the first two episodes is a REAL number and, unfortunately for the owner, it's been flooded with calls. Just today we learned that a real life "Squid Game" nearly happened in the streets of Paris.

The series is set to be Netflix's biggest hit of year and it's not stopping there; memes, costumes and merchandise are already seeing a rise in demand. It's even got me thinking that we should totally dress up as the characters for our 36th annual Halloween parade!

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With the obsession of "Squid Game" increasing with each day that passes, I tried to envision how I would do if I were to end up in the squid game; my initial thought was "hell no I wouldn't survive that!" however, a quiz I took online says different. You can take that quiz by clicking here.

It also made me think: if the Squid Game were held here in El Paso- what games would we have to play? I think I got the answer. Here are the six games we would have to play if "Squid Game" was held in El Paso; would you survive to the end?


LOOK AT THIS: KLAQ Halloween Parade 2018

For the 2018 KLAQ Halloween parade, tons of El Pasoans joined us despite the rain. The Buzz Adams Morning Show float theme was Hocus Pocus. Thank you to everyone who came out, despite the rain.





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