Brittney's Rage has released a new video for their song, Crash and Burn.

I asked guitarist and rock 'n' roll pirate Tony Muela about the song and he said:

The song and video were made to tell the story of 2 Rocknroll pirates who are trying to make their Rock 'n roll dreams come true by hard work. We wanted to show us traveling back and forth from L. A. cause it's the entertainment capital of the world and we have carved a name for ourselves now in Hollywood. Plus, we pride ourselves in being able to play all styles of music so to release a song like Crash and Burn with its southwest Texas feel just shows were proud of our Texas roots and where we're from. I mean it's not a typical rock quote first verse of song: Texas swing got u shaking your thing with my Westcoast strut baby living my dreams , Rolling with Brittney always by my side Rocknroll Gangsters just like Bonnie and Clyde

Brittney's Rage tour a lot, playing The Whiskey and other Los Angeles venues especially often, so check 'em out here in El Chuco every chance you get.


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