If you have missed attending live shows to show your support for local bands your opportunity is right around the corner. Except for this kind of opportunity you can show your support for El Paso's best talent right from home. It may not be the way you would like to show your support for local acts but it's something. So if you've been wanting to hear some live music your opportunity is coming up.

Plus the perk about the concert in your home is not worrying about long lines for the bathroom. There will be a variety of acts that will be performing on StageIt. StageIt is an online video concert where you can soon catch El Paso's best-talented acts performing live in concert right in the comfort of your own home.

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So if you've been wanting to see some talented El Pasoans perform lately you will have your chance on March 13, and the show will begin at 2 pm. Each performer will be playing their time slot from Genuine Reference Studios. There will be 6 acts that will be taking the stage to perform and each act will also be interviewed. The acts you can look forward to seeing in concert are Foolish Illusions, our very own Ray Arreola, You're the Alibi, Damian Isaac Band, Fuse Box, and Garden Grove.

If you would like to see a schedule of the times for when each act will be on you can see them here. You can purchase your $5 ticket through the live stream website to reserve your spot to watch El Paso's best talent perform. You Just think how cool this would be to show support for local acts having all the snacking and drinking privileges without spending a penny. Plus, everyone gets a front-row seat when they watch a live concert from home.

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