Balloonfest 2015 is coming up fast. Final local band selections are now being made and you guys get to make one of them.

The 2015 KLAQ Balloonfest is coming up Memorial Day Weekend, May 23rd - 25th, at Wet N Wild Waterworld.

The headliners this year are Volbeat, Anthrax, All That Remains, Flyleaf, We Are Harlot, Fastball, Gin Blossoms and Sons Of Texas. Along with all of them, we'll have the best local bands rocking inside the park but we need your help selecting one of the bands. Who do you want to see? An established act like Andromeda Theory, All That Bleeds or Thee Nobody's? Or would you like to see a, relatively, newer act like Fall 2 Rise, Sluthammer or For All The Enemies?