You may have heard the word that Celebrity Jeopardy! will debut this fall on ABC. That isn't the only contestant show that will debut this fall, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune will also premiere that same day.

Now even if you don't know some of the answers being asked on the show it is a good way to learn those subjects. Unfortunately, Celebrity Jeopardy! won't be like SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy! you may remember getting a kick out of it.

Not sure how you felt but I was stoked to see John Focht compete as a contestant on Jeopardy! last year.

John Focht won several times in a row and was in the 6 digits on his fourth day on Jeopardy!. Just refer to the footage uploaded on YouTube that was provided by Jeopardy! down below.

But, this fall there will be a Celebrity Jeopardy! and I have the perfect 3 celebrities from El Paso in mind. There are a few famous stars from El Paso who I would love to watch answering some tough questions.

If you have ever watched Jeopardy! then you know about the tough questions you must answer in order to win money. Below I have listed a few favorite celebrities from El Paso I hope to see on Celebrity Jeopardy! this fall.

The three celebrities from El Paso I chose and hope to see on the show you should be familiar with. But I hope to see Cara Santana, Aaron Jones, and Khalid on Celebrity Jeopardy! this fall.

  • Getty Images for The Little Mark
    Getty Images for The Little Mark

    Cara Santana

    Where to begin with Cara Santana?! She's known for her writing, and acting, and is also the founder of the Glam App. Cara Sanatana is from El Paso, Texas, and had visited during the immigration situation during the pandemic in 2020.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Aaron Jones

    If you don't know Aaron Jones then you must be living under a rock. If you don't Aaron Jones is Mr. Showtyme who knows how to score for GreenBay Packers. I believe Aaron Jones would make an awesome celebrity contestant on the show.

  • Getty Images for Live Nation
    Getty Images for Live Nation


    This guy here is known for his soothing vocals and singing about a place we go for a view, Scenic Drive. I would enjoy watching Khalid on the show this fall. I may not know or have met Khalid but I picture him being a brainiac.

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