An El Paso native, John Focht was in a battle of the brains against contestants from North Carolina and California on Jeopardy! yesterday. Yesterday, Monday, February 8, John Focht represented El Paso, Texas very proudly and even made us look good. John Focht was repping the 915 while Leah Wiegand for North Carolina, and Michael White for California.

Anyone who is a contestant on Jeopardy! knows you're going into a battle of the brains trying to prove you're the smartest. Well, an El Paso native did just that when he was competing against the other contestants on the show. That show is where you go to test how much your knowledge is worth exactly.

John Focht's knowledge definitely hit it out of the park which is a given after learning each contestant's earnings. North Carolina took 3rd with $1,000 earnings and California got 2nd and took home $2,000. As for the software team leader, John Focht took home $24,800 and can bragging rights for winning first place.

John Focht showed off his brain skills proudly as a contestant and was able to bring home the gold. For the final question, if you're wondering if he got it correct, he didn't. But luckily, he didn't bet all his winnings and still walked away as the champion. It was finally nice to see someone representing El Paso, Texas on Jeopardy! and claiming the big prize.

Let's cross our fingers we can see more contestants on more game shows representing the 915 and winning. So if you ever see John Focht around El Paso, be sure to tell him congratulations on his Jeopardy! win. You can see all the action yourself from the video above provided by Opus's Secret Bunker YouTube Channel.

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