Cattle Decapitation's drummer David McGraw is on tour with the band right now, and when they hit Berlin yesterday, he decided to forgo the usual touristy things like sight-seeing. He didn't even feel like just sleeping in or reading a book on cow revolution or the cow subjugation of the human race.

Instead, he went to a German hospital and had a "gnarly abscess" removed from his armpit! Yay, fun! Then, he did what anyone would do right after surgery. He went and played his full on death metal show.

This guy's balls are bigger than yours. Period.

Berlin! You rule! I had the gnarliest abscess under my arm pit, and you took care of me for only 50 [euros]. I had a full-on surgery, general anesthesia, private recovery room, everything, and I'm not even from here, just another foreigner on tour coming through town. I was treated like if I was at a private clinic. I had enough time to let the drugs wear off and made it to perform at the show tonight. I didn't get to see any of the sights, but instead I experienced something way more meaningful to me... seriously, thank you!

via Blabbermouth.

To celebrate, he had a giant hamburger, and was subsequently killed by the rest of his band.

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