Have you ever either been driving or the passenger and the name of a street that made you do a double take?

This happens to me A LOT. Everytime I see a street sign with a weird name I just have to get a picture of!

Our initial reaction when we see something funny, scary, or crazy is to either record or take a picture. Yesterday I did just that after witnessing something funny while on the drive to the store.

I was in Horizon when I noticed a street name that was one word but combined two names that are perfectly cohesive. After seeing the name of the street sign, I had to go back and get a picture of it!

The name of the street is Highweed Drive and definitely left me with the giggles minus the high. I have seen other street names around different parts of El Paso from West to Northeast, Central, and further out East.

I also always love to find street signs with the names of people we know or our very own name!

Where have you spotted a street sign that made you do a double-take and laugh out loud?

Pick the part of town where you've spotted a funny street sign that has grabbed your full attention down below!

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