If you didn't know El Paso's first hockey team was the Raiders, brush up on this quick history lesson! I've lived in El Paso all my life and never knew our hockey team used to be the Raiders before.

Channel Z Video will give you a history lesson when El Paso first got a hockey team. If you're a hockey fan and was a part of every hockey game since it started this won't be news to you. Unlike me, I didn't know and don't recall seeing a Raiders hockey game many years ago. When El Paso first got a hockey team it was in October the year 1975. After a period of time the Raiders were moved out of El Paso due to the lack of fans support.  Then years later we got a new hockey team known as the El Paso Buzzards which they became very popular. Now I remember attending the Buzzards hockey games with my friend who was one of the cheerleaders for the team. When I attended the Buzzards game I was a Sophomore in high school at the time. Now since time has gone by we still have the El Paso Rhinos who recently celebrated their Thorne Cup win! Then a few years back in 2015 we gained the Utep Miner Hockey team that has still been going strong since.

If you remember seeing the Raiders, Buzzards, or both play, take the poll below!

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