Actor Dean Cain showed his support for the Rhinos when they were in the running for Hockeyville USA. Now that we won, he's showing his pride in a new jersey. Earlier in the year, probably the only good thing for El paso in 2020 was the fact that the El Paso hockey team the Rhinos won Kraft's Hockeyville USA competition. Now there is a massive $150,000 in hockey rink updates that are happening to our local rink to help make the place even better. The competition was stiff since El Paso was competing against areas of the country that have massive hockey fan bases, but El Paso definitely brought the star power to our voting. We wrote about the different celebrities that were supporting our bid to win the competition like rocker/wrestler Chris Jericho, Green Bay Packer Aaron Jones, luchador Cinta de Oro (formerly WWE wrestler Sin Cara), Jesse James Dupree, and others. Well now the El Paso Rhinos won and the upgrades are happening and it looks like the EP Rhinos are thanking their supporters.

Former Superman actor Dean Cain tweeted out his support for El Paso Rhino's campaign back in August and he got a pretty cool present. Dean Cain posted on his Twitter page the new personalized jersey he received from the El Paso Rhinos. Pretty cool present as a thank you for his support.

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