Almost everyone should remember the El Paso Buzzards hockey team from many years ago. One of our own right here at KLAQ Duke Keith has his fair share of hockey stories with that team. Back then (over 20 years ago) the El Paso Buzzards would play at the El Paso County Coliseum.

I was a sophomore in high school when a good girlfriend of mine, Jennifer Hitchcock (a cheerleader for the team) introduced me to the sport. After the first game that I attended, I was hooked and was looking forward to more. It's nice to come across some old memories someone else shares that you also enjoyed in the past.

The Facebook group is for local fans to share their memories or pictures of the El Paso Buzzards hockey team. One particular fan, Irene Valdillez, shared quite a few pictures that took me down memory lane.

The pictures you will see below were taken by Irene in March 1999. Irene was able to capture all sorts of pictures from an El Paso Buzzards hockey game. I remember crushing hard on a particular player who once played for the El Paso Buzzards.

I always rooted for player #38 Jason Tessier who I rooted for at every game I was able to attend. It was a very sad day for El Paso Buzzards fans when news got out about the overdue rent payments. Don't get me wrong, I miss the real OG team that started it all and what we're lucky to have now.

Despite the El Paso Buzzards being gone, we have the El Paso Rhinos and UTEP Hockey teams that represent El Paso outside the 915. It's always nice to look back at past memories that bring a smile to your face. I am so glad I held on to my old El Paso Buzzard's t-shirt from 20 years ago.

The El Paso Buzzards Hockey Days

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