Bob Schneider, the musician NOT the actor will be performing at DeadBeach Brewery for their 3rd Anniversary block party! The American Pop Rock musician will be in the Sun City this Saturday, November 3. Bob Schneider is also known for his awesome vocals since he was the lead vocalist for Ugly Americans. He will be helping DeadBeach Brewery ring in their anniversary. Bob Schneider is no stranger to El Paso since he only used to attend University of Texas at El Paso. Day of The DeadBeach Brewery will have live music,  art, and two bottle releases. The block party will be in the vicinity of 406 S. Durango Street. The block party will kick off at 2 pm and go on until midnight downtown. Bob Schneider recently released a new track called "Lost" and has been busy with his solo career. The last time Bob Schneider was in El Paso, was over a year ago! But I sure am glad he has returned to celebrate DeadBeach Brewery's anniversary!

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