Mixing two kinds of relaxation maximizes your way of feeling calm. There are different types of ways people find their peace during stressful times. At some point you've had a rough week you can't help but look forward to your day off.

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Everyone has their own way of relaxing after a long hard working week at work. There are local El Pasoans that will be adventurous and go hiking and be with nature. While others enjoy sipping on a couple of cold ones and doing something we once enjoyed as kids.

Coloring while sipping on a beer and being social definitely sure helps calm the soul. Plus, coloring has been known to relax the brain which helps reduce stress and anxiety. Many years ago a local brewery had introduced us to a crafty way of unwinding.

In 2017 DeadBeach Brewery had hosted an Adult Coloring Book Night that some of us hope can make a comeback.
We all remember what we felt when we would color with our friends when younger. But can you imagine the feeling now as an adult while you're sipping on some beers?

via Michelle Delgado
via Michelle Delgado

It's priceless. Well, it has been quite a long while since we've heard about the adult coloring book night. Granted last year was a downer because of the pandemic putting a stop to social gatherings. But as times are sort of looking up, had me wondering if that sociably way to relax will ever make a comeback. Let's cross our fingers and hope we can return to enjoying a craft beer while being crafty.

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