We may not have gotten the best burrito in Texas honors ... which was BS ... but we got this one on a global scale.

I found this "best of" list via tasteatlas.com who absolutely did right by giving an El Paso restaurant the props on this one.

We are, after all, the Mexican food capitol of the world. Right?

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This all started, by the way, because January is "Menudo Month". Who knew?  An article posted by KDAF sums Menudo up this way:

... “Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup made with beef tripe in broth, seasoned with hominy, garlic, onions, and oregano. Preparing Menudo is a task for the whole family. Mexican families usually serve it for breakfast on Sundays, special occasions, and holidays as it can take five to 10 hours to prepare the dish!” - KDAF

There is, of course, much more to the story ... recipes, history, prep, tradition, etc. That will do for now though.

Menudo is a pretty polarizing dish and if someone dislikes a certain Menudo, they freakin' HATE it. If they love it, they'll die for it.

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Very few restaurants can beat that one family member though. The abuelita, mom, tio, brother, primo, etc, who makes the best ever. EVER..

"The best" is an argument that will never be settled, let alone actually won so; forget it. You enjoy yours, I'll enjoy mine and we'll celebrate "Menudo Month" as compadres.

By the way, our neighbors in Las Cruces also cracked the top 4. Here they are:

Good job, Good Luck ... see you Sunday morning.

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