It's not just the food that makes a restaurant great, looks and feel are a big part of the dining experience too and this Texas restaurant has all the bases covered.

Texas has some of the best restaurants in the United States of America. I'd even put some of ours up against others around the world. We got tasty game.

One Texas restaurant was just given a great, non food related award naming it best in the lone star state.

Texas restaurants offer every cuisine you can think of and they have amassed all kinds of awards all over the state. One restaurant near El Paso was recently nominated for a big time JBF award. Texas can also lay claim to one of the priciest restaurants in the country. Maybe even the world ...

One Texas restaurant can call itself one of the most beautiful in the United States of America. OpenTable recently announced the most beautiful restaurants in the country and the Texas winner is in Dripping Springs, near Austin.

Who Was Named Texas' Most Beautiful Restaurant?

Tillie's is a moderately priced restaurant, ($31-$50 according to OpenTable), in Dripping Springs, Texas. Check out some pics here.

The concept behind our award-winning dining experience can be described as “American Nouveau" cuisine that borrows cooking traditions and techniques from all around the world to create something new and exciting.

Through its breathtaking architecture and innovative menu, Tillie’s lives the American Nouveau concept. The restaurant’s building, a repurposed town hall from the Ninh Binh region of Vietnam, is the physical embodiment of an experience that takes inspiration from history and cultures. - OpenTable

Arizona's contribution was Lon’s at The Hermosa in Paradise Valley and New Mexico made the list with SkyFire in Santa Fe.

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